Seeds of Transformation 4 Special Dads

Grow to the heights of your potential by re-imagining your role as a Special Dad of a Special Needs Son or Daughter!

You already have a love for your special needs child, but sometimes, when things are difficult, you wish you were a better dad. You are likely painfully aware of your shortcomings as a special dad. And truth be told, as you look to the future it sometime causes a bit of anxiety. There are so many unknowns, so much to cope with.

Special Kids 4 Special Dads was founded to help dads of special needs kids learn and share a whole new model of growing to new heights of their human potential by reframing their experience and seeing what a privilege and blessing it is.  It is an opportunity to celebrate a unique personal, emotional, psychological, and spiritual development opportunity beyond anything that could be artificially constructed.

We turn the paradigm of what it means to be a dad of special needs children on its head!

And collectively, we all have a mission: to reach out to other dads and help them as they struggle to make sense of their experience to learn the beautiful lessons we have learned about the privilege of being a dad of a special needs son or daughter.

Use this short guide to implement some simple but powerful time tested and proven principles to help you give the greatest gift you could give your child, family and everyone else in your life – the best version of yourself as you grow to the full heights of your potential.

Everyone in your life will thank you for the small efforts you make to grow further and to help other dads along the way…..

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