Special Kids 4 Special Dads was founded to help dads of special needs kids learn a whole new paradigm of what a privilege and blessing it is as they grow to new heights of their human potential.

It is an opportunity to celebrate a unique personal, emotional, psychological, and spiritual development opportunity beyond anything that could be artificially constructed.

And collectively, we all have a mission: to reach out to other dads and help them as they struggle to make sense of their experience to learn the beautiful lessons we have learned about the privilege of being a dad of a special needs son odr daughter.

Make no mistake about it, though. This is not about using the circumstance of having special needs kids to develop to your fullest human potential for yourself. No, this is about gift.

The best gift you can give to your special needs children, your spouse, and everyone else for that matter, is to develop the best version of yourself, to your fullest God given human potential so that you can authentically serve others, starting with your special needs child.

Leis Guys - Florida 2012

We don’t make any claim to being exceptional dads as we are just as human and flawed as the next guy. What we can claim is to have a way to transform our experience of what others might view with pity into a celebration of achievement of greater potential of our humanity than we ever thought possible!

You are wondering how? If you have not read the home page, here is my story and the process of discovery.