Welcome to Special Kids 4 Special Dads!

We turn the paradigm of what it means to be a dad of special needs children on its head!

This is not a support group (yea, you get lots of support!) but a place to re-think and re-imagine what it means to be a dad of a special needs son or daughter. We want this to be a magical place for dads, a place where personal transformation arises from fresh perspective, new insights, and renewed determination to be the best dads we can possibly be for our very special kids.

We already love our kids, no question. Our pain, if we probe deeply, is that we are not better dads and spouses. Well, let’s step back and take a fresh look at our situation and see if we can’t reframe the experience! Reinventing ourselves to the opportunity of the moment!

Bottom line, here’s our take on it: Dads of special needs kids are special dads and we think you have a unique advantage to grow to the heights of your human potential in ways you most likely have never considered.

And we also think there are a whole lot of other dads out there who need our collective help in seeing their situation with that same new, fresh perspective. We need to carry that message to them and have them join us!

We would love to hear from you! Check out our welcome blog post here and leave a comment: http://specialkids4specialdads.com/welcome-to-special-kids-for-special-dads-2/

Meet the team:

By the way, when I say ‘we’ on the SK4SD site, I am talking about the team, the three of us, the three musketeers we call ourselves. This project is made possible by the contributions of all three of us working at it – each has a contribution.

Stephen is my project manager. I give him the next key milestone, and he continues to remind me daily (occasional harassment warranted) to stay focused (I think I have occupational ADD).

John David is my technical genius. Nearly all of what you see online has been done by him.

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