If you read my story on the home page, the transformation that began that night at the kitchen table was a moment of Kairos – “the appointed time in the purpose of God.” The ancient Greeks called it ‘the opportune or supreme moment’ that was the starting point for reframing, re-imagining what it meant to be the dad for special needs kids.

To that point, I had tried the best I could to be a good dad, but the demands of two special needs children weighed heavily on me. And I was focused on providing for a wife and family, my primary role as the sole bread winner.

The moment of Kairos caused me to begin to reframe the experience of being a special dad and I went back to the principles I had used and taught as a successful corporate executive and consultant to help people and organizations achieve significant transformations. Now it was time to apply them to the toughest situation I had ever encountered: me in a crisis of starting a completely new life as a single dad.

There are set of principles I have discovered which are foundational to that transformation that I believe anyone can make. The starting point, the ‘seeds of transformation’, as I call them, are proven, time tested and have been used by thousands of people, from clients to college students I have taught, to make significant transformations in their lives and organizations.Leis Guys - Disney World 2012

We provide a variety of resources to help dads explore each an implement them in their own lives and their families. Join us as we explore these and other principles for enhancing your role as a special dad of a special needs son or special needs daughter, no matter what their age!

Reframing and reimagining our experience as dads of special needs kids begins with these foundational principles:

1.  Acceptance of imperfection and forgiveness

2.  It is not about you, it is about them.

3.  Reflection: the second most powerful tool you possess.

4.  Protecting the first moments of consciousness.

5.  Deciding on your emotional state.

6.  Love: the most powerful tool you possess.

Download the “Seeds of Transformation” free eBook to learn how to begin the process of reframing your special dad experience in some exciting and life-altering ways!

Free e-book: Seeds of Transformation for Special Dads

Free e-book: Seeds of Transformation for Special Dads