Hey, it is awesome that you are here! We are excited that you found us!

“So what’s in it for me?”, you ask. Well we are in the process of building a community of Special Dads of Special Needs Kids who want more for themselves, their special needs kids and their families.  Dads who have all the normal stresses and strains of being a dad, and precious little time to utilize the resources of the brick and mortar world that might or might not be available in their area.

Special Kids 4 Special Dads was founded to help dads of special needs kids learn and share a whole new model of growing to new heights of their human potential by reframing their experience and seeing what a privilege and blessing it is.  It is an opportunity to celebrate a unique personal, emotional, psychological, and spiritual development opportunity beyond anything that could be artificially constructed.

We turn the paradigm of what it means to be a dad of special needs children on its head!

And collectively, we all have a mission: to reach out to other dads and help them as they struggle to make sense of their experience to learn the beautiful lessons we have learned about the privilege of being a dad of a special needs son or daughter.

So where do we start? I have a free e-Book “Seeds of Transformation for Special Dads” that you can download for free – principles that have helped me and other dads, as well of thousands of others I have helped over the years.  We are also planning an online development program for dads using the some time tested tools and practices that I have used with thousands of people to help them realize greater heights of their human potential.

And that, my friend, is the best gift you can give your special needs son or daughter, your family and everyone with whom you come in contact!

I would love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment!